gail’s 90th birthday . arvada family photographer

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to shoot the 90th birthday party of Gail Talbert but it seemed that events were conspiring to keep me from getting there. First, my car’s “check engine” light lit up the day before and JB was supposed to take his car to the airport at the same time as the party. We solved that problem easily enough by dropping JB off at the bus stop so I could use his car. Then, on the day of the party, we got a monster snowstorm and I forgot to ask the babysitter to come a little early. Nothing like keeping my stress level on high alert! Amazingly, I managed to get to the party with 10 minutes to spare.

Looking good, Gail!

How much luckier can you get than to be surrounded by your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids!

I just love this photo of Gail with his wife, Dorthie, and their daughters.

Gail and Dorthie have been married almost 70 years. It boggles my mind…

All the cousins wanted to pose on the steps in imitation of a photo taken of them in the same spot 30 (I think) years ago. Wish I had a copy of the other photo to see how closely we staged it.

Lastly, I just had to show this image of the youngest great-grandkid. What a peach!

Happy Birthday, Gail! Keep on going strong!

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