friday no. 27 | first day of school

Yesterday was Leslie and Kadel’s first day of 2nd grade. My babies are not babies anymore! (I know I say that every year…)

The night before they carefully laid out their clothes and then squirmed like little worms in their beds with excitement. When I kissed them good night, I asked Kadel if she was ready for the next day and she admitted that she wasn’t sure she was ready to spend a whole day in school. Leslie asked anxiously what 2nd grade would be like. I didn’t really have a good response for either one.

When I picked them up in the afternoon and asked them how the first day went, they were all smiles exclaiming how they love their new teacher and were so happy to be hanging with their classmates again.

And I am just loving being able to get back on a more regular routine… which may or may not include an occasional after lunch nap. ;)

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