kids rule . colorado wedding

Young kids with their perfectly smooth skin and their big honest eyes, how can you not want to photograph them? Maybe they’ll smile or maybe they’ll look at you like you’re an alien but no matter which, I can’t get enough of them. After the bride and groom, they’re my favorite subject at a wedding.

Prior to the ceremony, the ringbearer was heckling guests to sign the guest book. And this girl (I love her hair!) was just egging him on. So amusing!

I love this expression of hers right after she was reprimanded not to play with the flowers…

Moments later, though, she got to enjoy the thrill of petal throwing.

And you could see on her face how much she was diggin’ it. Her little sister was just mayhem on wheels (and I mean that in the nicest way. :))

So much seriousness in such a little person…

“Are you shooting with a Canon or a Nikon? Because I only smile for Nikons.”

Aaargh! The eyes! Resistance is futile.

Next up… the bride and groom. :)

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