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This Spring was my girls’ first experience on a soccer team and we lucked out with getting on Coach John’s team. He must still be part kid himself because he is so engaged with the kids and they just adore him in return. This Saturday is their last game of the spring league and the difference between how the team played 8 weeks ago and now amazes me. Kids not only grow fast but they learn fast too and it makes me so proud.

At their last practice, I took the team photo after they were done playing. We started out with the standard smiling photo…

…which progressed to them making faces…

…and ended with them laughing at the faces being made behind me by Ben’s older brother, Sam…

… and then, with not much encouragement needed, they piled on Coach John. :)

Introducing our mini-atheletes… below are the adorable step-sisters, Claire and Riley.

Another set of twins and son and daughter of the coach, Keenan and Hattie. A couple of tough competitors!

Nash, the smallest and most likely youngest of the group, and Ben, who always seems to have a smile on his face.

And lastly, my two little peanuts, Leslie (with her usual sassy face) and Kadel (with her intense blue-eyed stare).

Go Owls! I loved watching you have fun on the fields this Spring and hope to see everyone out there again this Fall.


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