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I’ve been thinking awhile about what family photography means to me and it has come to me that I would get the most satisfaction out of providing a more documentary vision of family and what it looks like. Something that shows a story, real emotion, and is unscripted, unprompted.

But if that is the direction I’d like to go then I need to spend some time practicing that vision which of course leads me to my own family. :)

With that in mind, I set out to spend a morning taking photos of my girls where I am interacting with them but not directing them in any way. This happened while we were on our spring break in Moab, Utah, a couple weeks ago, on our last morning at the lovely and peaceful Castle Valley Inn.

We had decided not to go biking or hiking but just to hang out and relax after breakfast which, for Leslie, included a trip to the hot tub and along the way, she found a roly-poly that required her help.

Back at the room, Kadel is literally hanging out…… and doing her extreme dot-to-dots …… before heading out to wander.They love animals soooo much.For kids, hammocks require some serious swinging.

I’m so excited to start doing some documentary sessions for my family clients! Please contact me if you’d be interested in discussing options for this type of session.

Happy Spring!


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