valentine cards for my girls

Over the last couple months, I’ve been obsessed with beautifully-designed card templates that are available from so many designers – some I love and some? not so much. I’m allowed to be picky though. :)

For the first time, this past holiday I used a template for my own family card and I was thrilled with it. So in January, when I started checking out Valentine templates, I decided that the girls would have some unique cards to give to their classmates this year. When I told them the plan, they were so excited about it (thankfully!).

On the first Wednesday of February (a “late start” day for them), it was a beautiful warm day so we left for school a little early and stopped along the way to take their photos. We spent a little time along the creek and even did a little tree climbing. They had a blast and I loved how into it they were. (That has not always been the case when trying to take their photos!).

Next I had to find just the right template to use.

I love this simple design that I found from grady bug designs for Leslie’s photos. She was happy with it too…
business card size Valentine

For Kadel, I used a free template from MCP Actions and I changed the graphics colors because, well, because I wanted to. :)
business card size Valentine
business card size valentine

Here is the final product (they were business-card sized on premium matte card stock).
business card size valentine
business card size valentine

I love how they turned out! The girls’ friends loved them too and I had extras to send to our family and close friends. Definitely doing this again next year!

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