road trip! part two . wyoming to montana

(Beware! This is a loooooong post.)

Two weeks ago, we were on our way up to Big Sky, MT, for a family reunion. If you haven’t already, go read part one of our road trip then come back here. So where was I?

After camping in Dubois, WY, I woke up first (which is unusual in itself) and it became quickly apparent how used to sleeping on a mattress my body is compared to a half-inch thick puff of air. Ouch! I tried to get out of the tent without waking everyone else up with the creaking of my bones.

After packing everything up and finding a coffee shop, we were ready to hit the road again. We were only about 55 miles from Grand Teton National Park and I was looking forward to the scenic drive past the Absaroka Range and over the Togwotee Pass. The guy at the coffee shop warned us, though, that the pass was undergoing some major construction. Great.

We hit the first patch of construction where we had to wait for the pilot car to take us slowly past a couple miles of activity. A nuisance but not horrible…

After clearing that area, we stopped at a scenic overlook with a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons.

The girls picked some wildflowers while Pony B sniffed around and we all stretched our legs blissfully unaware of the construction delays to come.

Okay, so these might be weeds but I still think they’re beautiful…

I’m holding up the flowers that Leslie picked for me…

As soon as we left that spot, we were stopped and waited for another pilot car forever (10 to 15 minutes, maybe) and when it finally came, it led us s-l-o-w-l-y over miles and miles of the pass. Ugh.

And then, finally, we were free! We laughed, we cried, we cheered, and we picked up speed as we drove the last little stretch toward the Tetons…

This photo was taken at the most popular spot to photograph Mt. Moran. Gorgeous, yes?

A little further north, I took 3 separate photos that I used to create this panorama.

After that, we didn’t stop until we reached the West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park

That’s Yellowstone Lake beyond. It’s quite huge. What you can see here is the small section of the lake. There’s quite a bit more around that land mass in the middle of the photo…

Hot, hot, hot!

Not quite so hot here…

Since the construction on the Togwotee Pass put us a good two hours behind schedule, we decided to just zip through the rest of Yellowstone. We were anxious to reach Big Sky where the previous night my parents and older brother and his family had already arrived. Of course, we ran into more construction on 191 just outside of West Yellowstone but as soon as we got through it, we wasted no time cruising along the beautiful Gallatin River.

I didn’t take any photos (because I was driving) but just picture the movie A River Runs Through It which was partially filmed on the Gallatin.

And then after you picture the movie, picture Brad Pitt traveling with me. That’s what I did. (Sorry JB). :)

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