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A few weeks ago, I was shooting with my 50mm 1.4 lens (aka the “nifty fifty” or “thrifty fifty”) and suddenly I noticed that it was having major difficulty focusing. This had happened another time not too long before but for some reason it just started working again. Not good. This lens along with my 85mm prime are my “go-to” lenses for all the portrait work I do.

I figured I had 3 options:

  • spend the money to get a relatively inexpensive lens fixed
  • buy a new 50mm 1.4
  • or justify splurging on the ridiculously awesome but 4 times as expensive 50mm 1.2L. To you non-photographers the “L” series of lenses are Canon’s professional quality lenses but what it should really stand for is Lovely, Luscious, or deeeee-Lectable (okay that last one is pushing it).

Can you guess which option I chose?

But first I decided I should rent the 1.2L and try it out. After I got the rental lens, I shot a senior session and used that lens the ENTIRE time. I LOVELOVELOVEd it! (Those photos will be posted real soon.)

So last Friday, after realizing that there are no good deals on eBay because everyone who owns one can’t live without it, I ordered the lens from B&H Photo and Video and it arrived today. Swoon…

Of course, I immediately slapped it (not literally) on my camera and thought “what can I try it out on?”. The photo on the left is from one of our italian plum trees. These plums will be ripe in the fall and I’m looking forward to trying a new plum pie recipe with them.

Since the girls were at daycare today, Pony B got to be my model for the day. And what a good, fuzzy, snuggly model she is!

I think, no wait, I KNOW that I made the right choice…



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  • You DID make the right choice – sooooo jealous!! And Pony B totally rocked this photo session – her fur loves that 1.2 :-)ReplyCancel

  • Tracy.where can I find this lense?ReplyCancel

  • Just found it on Amazon……..I understand why you chose to rent it first! Beautiful shots Tracy! I LOVE your blog!ReplyCancel