kiran + raza . part I . denver wedding photographer

Now that my new website is complete, I can catch up on some blogging about what went on last fall starting with the lovely Kiran and Raza. I spent two days photographing their pakistani wedding celebration in Denver last October. What a privilege! This type of wedding was a first for me and I was eagerly anticipating the colorful dresses and traditions that are a part of the culture. On a Friday night, I arrived at the Green Valley Ranch Rec Center where their family and friends were preparing the celebration. Before the bride and groom’s special entrance, the women gathered on the floor to sing songs with a drum and tambourine.

Then it was time to prepare for Raza’s entrance…

This was actually the first I had ever seen Raza! I met only with Kiran and her family in the months leading up to this day because Raza travels extensively for work. Oh, and he also happens to live in Germany!

Next came Kiran who looked positively radiant!

Is Raza thinking how lucky can he be? :)

Such a good-looking couple!

After they are seated, they spend the next couple hours being greeted by their guests, getting well wishes and being fed various treats…

Love the looks they keep sneaking at each other!

Even though I had no idea what they were saying (except when they reverted to English!), I just couldn’t help smiling behind my camera lens. There was just sooooo much love and laughter throughout the celebration.

A peaceful moment (and one of my faves)…

I couldn’t resist including a couple shots of this boy. How adorable is he?

And this sweet young girl who seemed not to mind getting her photo taken. :)

Coming soon… Kiran + Raza Part II!

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