I love chocolate (especially dark chocolate with orange peel or maybe a little sea salt), sushi, and the way JB grills a bacon-wrapped filet. I wear flip flops all summer long. I play tennis, hike, bike, and practice yoga less frequently than I’d like. I can’t fall asleep without reading in bed first (even if I only get through one sentence). I have been known to quote Monty Python to anyone who’ll listen (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!). I am a dancing fool.


My husband and I met when we were both obsessed with playing Ultimate Frisbee. That was in the 90s shortly after I moved to Colorado from New England. When I started a photoblog back in 2001 (now defunct), I started referring to my husband as JB (no one else does). It may have been to give him some sense of anonymity as he is a very private person. He’s also extremely loyal to his friends and family, has the most amazing work ethic, and has always been uniquely himself. He is not persuaded by peer pressure… unless it is from his wife. ;) When not working, he is usually found on his mountain bike.


I am a mom to twin girls, Leslie and Kadel, who were born in November 2005. They never cease to amaze, delight, perplex, frustrate, and humor me. They are huggers, just like me, and love to cuddle. They are more adventurous with trying food than I ever was and I’m sure that is thanks to JB. Leslie is determined and athletic and a little bit sassy. Kadel is independent, free-spirited, and laid back. When they were born, we referred to them as our little peanuts and that’s what they forever shall remain. :) (This photo was taken back in 2012 but I love it too much to update it… aren’t they precious?)


I always thought I was a cat person until we got our first dog, Soda Pop, a blue merle Australian Shepherd (top left). I was immediately smitten. Two years later, we added Pony B, a red merle Aussie (top right), to the clan. We loved having two dogs that could play with each other but when the girls were just 3 years old, Soda died suddenly and I was just too overwhelmed to think of getting another puppy. The timing was finally right in 2013, when we brought Oscar home (a blue merle Aussie, bottom right). Sadly, Pony joined Soda in the great dog park in the sky in 2015 and not long after, Puzo became the newest member of the family (a red tri Aussie, bottom left). Yes we are extremely partial to Australian Shepherds and we just adore our fur-babies!