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Their weekdays are chaotic with school, work, and sports so when the weekend comes, this family likes to lay low and just enjoy being together. I was so honored to spend part of that valuable family time with them. I’d only talked on the phone with Janey before our scheduled session so when they showed up at the park across from Coot Lake in Boulder, I was happy to see a family of tall good-looking parents and kids. This will make my job easy, I thought. But that was before we tried to get Wilson, the youngest, to stay still for the photos! He was such a hoot… and in constant motion. I imagine at the end of the day, he must drop into bed like a ton of bricks. Either that or his parents do…

Meet Tommy, the oldest. They had just come from his hockey game and when I asked him how it went, he said “Great!” Did you win? “Nope” Was it close? “Not really” So you just love to play hockey, then? “Yep.”

And this is Degen, best friend of Grace from my last post. She’s a beauty!

And, of course, Wilson in one of his rare moments of stillness. This is the spot he chose for his solo photos.

Finally the parents, Janey and Adams, get a moment for just the two of them. Aren’t they adorable?

We tried to get Wilson to hang from the branch too but he was already running about a mile down the trail…

I just love this set of Degen alone and with Janey…

Tommy’s rockin’ the hoody!

Couldn’t resist having the kids sit on these posts. So cute!

Janey and Adams, you have such a terrific family. Thank you for letting me share your Saturday with you!

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